Billed through PayPal. $10 a month. Cancel any time you wan’t.

Includes shows and movies that replaces the need for a cable subscription, Apple TV+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Showtime, HBO, Stars, Cinemax, NBC, ABC, TNT, TBS, etc. 

Running all this ain’t cheap. Everyone pitches in. It runs all day with business class internet, 60TB of data, electricity costs for a server that’s always available, 9 enterprise class hard drives, constantly having to upgrade processor, video cards for encoding and decoding, no compression, full 4k & HD, supports Atmos and DTS:X sound. It has premium channels’ content included already. If you have content I don’t grab already, and it’s often, let me know. I can set you up with an app that you can make request that will automatically grab what you need. 

I have business class gigabit internet (I can stream to you as fast as you can take it in), put your Plex settings for quality as high as your internet can handle (mbps), original quality is usually best, and make sure you enable Direct Play in Plex Settings. Make sure all your streaming devices are fully updated, and your Plex app stays updated. Ironically, misconfigured settings will make my CPU work extraordinarily hard to encode a new video if you you have misconfigured settings. Setting it to original, and turning on direct play and stream, will usually allow the data just to be sent out without an extra workload.

Just a small example of some of the purchases that go to support the server.